<web-app xmlns="http://caucho.com/ns/resin">
     - Configures the database.
     - jndi-name specifies the JNDI name
     - type      specifies the driver class
     - path      is a driver-specific configuration parameter
  <database jndi-name="jdbc/basic">
    <driver type="com.caucho.db.jca.ConnectionFactory">


     - Configures the initialization servlet.  The bean-style init
     - it used to look up the JNDI DataSource in the configuration file.
  <servlet servlet-name="init" servlet-class="example.InitServlet">
    <init-param data-source="jdbc/basic"/>

  <servlet servlet-name="basic" servlet-class="example.BasicServlet">
    <init-param data-source="jdbc/basic"/>

  <servlet-mapping url-pattern="/basic" servlet-name="basic"/>